Sunday, 3 May 2009

When You Were Having A Career & Making Your Parents Proud In April, I Sat On My Ass & Watched These Movies

Yes Man

Not funny. Off topic, that's my problem with Jody Hill. THE AUDIENCE ISN'T LAUGHING. Thus, it is not comedy.

The Wackness
Quite an accurate portrayal of how lonely it is to be a young drug-dealer with a heart (o, my mis-spent youth). Good Stuff all round.

One of those play-on-screen situations where you'd rather have seen it in the theatre than had to deal with some dull direction. Y'know, ok. Pretty much what you think it's going to be.

Dead Snow
It starts off a bit rubbish, but then gets pretty fun. I liked it. More Nazi zombie movies please!

Quantum of Solace
The parts of the movie with no action in tend to flatline completely, and even the action isn't that exciting. The plot seems non-existent. It's all a shame, cause I like Marc Forster as a director. I think he's unfairly lambasted on a regular basis.

The Reader
Easier to swallow than The Hours. Pretty watchable, if not blow-your-mind fantastic.

Truly excellent.

The Uninvited
Compared to the original? Crap. Compared to The Unborn? Almost good.

The Children
Terrifying. Children are scary anyway. Let's face it, most of them are Adult Assholes waiting to happen, let alone when they're sneezing homicidal germs all over each other's faces.

I Love You, Man
Better than Role Models, but not as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. There it stands, in the ouvre.

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People
Christ. The best thing I can say about it is Kirsten Dunst is less annoying than she usually is.

Sex Drive
Now, I watched the "unrated" edition. This edition begins with a warning from the director that this version is, basically, shit. Well, I don't know what the theatrical version was like, but I can't imagine it was any better than shit.

I've seen worse. Some nice touches and generally ok, for a kiddy movie.

Underworld 3
Much like the second one, I found this third installment to be quite enjoyable, although some of the CGI was proper ropey.

Fast & Furious
Not as good as Tokyo Drift, but mercifully better than the second.

I really liked it! Fast-paced and a nice guilty Payback-ian Friday night pleasure. Reminded me a bit of Frantic but, yknow, not fucking terrible. A lot of these type of movies have suffered from being way too long, but this has the intelligence not to linger.

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