Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hollywood's Unsung Heroes: Tom Hollander Edition

For Why?
Looking like the bastard son of Tom Hulce and Timothy Hutton, Tom Hollander cuts an underwhelming 5’5 swathe through the Pirates of The Caribbean movies, playing “weasely British guy”...a role he must be somewhat used to. He also played “weasely guy” in lauded HBO mini-series 'John Adams' and Valkyrie. This will inevitably continue for some time, until he gets a lucky break in some Lottery-funded indie flick playing someone disabled, retarded or dying of a flesh-eating bug, which he will inevitably pick up a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for.
Prove It!
He’s actually a really good actor, having forged a decent career despite being earlier rejected from every drama school known to man. Plus, he said this:
"I have a theory that in the US if there's an arsehole in a film doing something stupid they say, 'Make them British, now it makes sense.' If they want a daft idiot nowadays, they just get a British actor in."
Hmm, Not Sold. I Can Look Out For Further Proof?
You can. In The Loop is already out, and The Soloist follows it. Will he be playing “weasely guy”? Probably.

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