Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hollywood's Unsung Heroes: Peter Deming Edition

For Why?
Since breaking out in the world of cinematography with Evil Dead II, this guy has worked his ass off to try and make any movie you shove at him look rich as hell.
Prove It!
From House Party to My Cousin Vinny to Mulholland Drive to Joe's fuckin Apartment. There is literally no project too weak-ass or awesome he won't beef up to MAXIMUM WIN POTENTIAL. If that shit flops don't blame this guy, he did all he could.
Hmm, Not Sold. I Can Look Out For Further Proof?
Yeah, there's a little movie called Drag Me To Hell once again reuniting Deming and Raimi that's probably going to blow your balls out through your ass. Maybe even enough to make us forget ALL THREE Spiderman movies. With any luck.

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